Fat Freezing

The results will blow your mind! Pain free no downtime and reduces 50% of fat at a time!

Freezing Technology  Criocuum is a scientifically advanced system that utilises the latest fat freezing technology to isolate and chill localised fat in the underarms, abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks. The system uses cryoliporeduction principles to noninvasively and painlessly remove up to 45 percent of subcutaneous fat while enhancing skin elasticity for a proper skin trimming, toning and contouring.

For long, man and women with busy lifestyles looking for fat reduction treatments have had to settle for invasive and painful surgical procedures such as liposuction. Besides the hassle and intense pre and post treatment care required for these procedures, women also had to contend with days away from work to heal and afterward, the harsh realities of loose skin in the treated areas. Criocuum treatments were developed to achieve superior non-invasive fat reduction without the limitations of down time.

The treatments use an adjustable vacuum applicator to selectively suction fatty tissue and freeze it between 10 and 5 degrees Celsius. Clients can expect to feel an intense cold on first application but that wears out quickly. Cell apoptosis (destruction of fat cells) occurs after the lipids of the fat cells crystallise and are removed by the body’s natural lymphatic filtration system, reducing fat tissue by 3 to 15 mm. The cold environment also causes a 74 percent increase in skin elasticity in the targeted area, fine tuning the fat reduction processfor an elite sculpted look.

Criocuum treatments take about 50 minutes and results can be seen 15 days afterward. Full results are noticeable 8- 12 weeks later. Three sessions are required, depending on the level of localised fat, to achieve best results. It is permanent as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle and the results speak for themselves!

procedure summary 

Duration of results 
Long term 

Recovery/ Downtime 
Immediate recovery no downtime! 

Procedure time 
60 minutes per application 

Risks and complications 
Possible bruising redness or slight numbness for 10 days. 


Recommended number of treatments? 
This varies depending on the person. Please speak to your tailored body sculpting specialist. 

One hand piece | $300

Dual hand piece | $570


One hand piece 3 session | $750

Dual hand piece 3 session | $1400

Individual packaging available upon request.

All packages receive 2 complimentary radio frequency treatments.

Body Bootcamp | $3500

Two body parts done with all three fat criocuum sessions, 5 fat cavitation and 5 radio frequency cellulite reduction sessions!
Have the tightest belly, legs, arms going!

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